Important! Warranty Information

EVERITE DOOR COMPANY (Everite) warrants its wood door panels to be free of splits, splinters, de-lamination, and cracks due to any natural conditions of weather, exposure, and normal use for a period of one year from defects in material and workmanship from date of delivery to original user.   If within the warranty period, any warranted part is found to be defective by an authorized Everite agent, Everite will replace the defective material.   Labor charges will be the responsibility of the owner.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, with respect to this product, and Everite shall in no way be liable for consequential damages.  

Please read the following finishing instructions in order to meet Everite's warranty.   Failure to properly and completely finish all surfaces of door sections (front, back, ends, tops, bottoms) within 10 (ten) days of receipt of the door and prior to installation, will void warranty.

  • Use the same number of coats of the same sealant on all surfaces (i.e. two coats of stain on front, back, sides, top, bottom). Use of two different sealants on different parts of the same door will void the warranty (i.e. do not stain the exterior panels and paint the interior panels).
  • Minor scratches and dents as well as natural variations in color and grain of wood products are not considered to be defects.
  • A minimum of one strut per section is required on all semi custom and custom carriage house style doors.   Failure to strut every section properly will void warranty.

PAINTING: Fill any voids or gaps with a caulking compound that can be painted.   Clean all door surfaces with a stiff bristle brush to remove all dust, dirt, and loose fibers.   If the door was not ordered factory primed, the door sections should be primed on ALL surfaces (front, back, sides, tops, bottoms, joints) before finish paint is applied.   Use a quality oil or latex exterior primer following all primer manufacturer instructions including temperature and drying time.   If you are painting a cedar door, the primer should contain a tannin blocker.   Failure to use a tannin blocker on cedar doors may result in discoloration of the finish paint. Use a quality exterior latex or oil based finish paint. The finish coat should have the same base that the primer has (i.e. latex primer, use latex finish paint.   Oil based primer, use oil based finish paint).   If the door is factory primed, use a latex based finish paint. Follow manufacturer's application instructions. A second top coat is recommended for optimum protection.   Dark colors are not recommended, especially if the door is exposed to direct sunlight.  

STAINING: Select a quality exterior, penetrating stain (transparent, semi-transparent, or solid) that is mildew resistant, UV resistant, and water repellant.   Selection of a stain or finish that does not have these properties will void the warranty.   Avoid film forming finishes such as varnishes and urethanes that do not penetrate the wood.   Fill all gaps and voids with caulking compound that can be stained.   Clean all door surfaces.   Doors with smooth hardboard or Extira panels should not be stained.